Jason DeRulo has poured out his feelings to ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy in a personal new song.

The Talk Dirty star, 26, who split from the model last month (May16), admits he has always had problems communicating with those closest to him – and felt Daphne needed an explanation from him.

Jason, who also dated singer Jordin Sparks, tells People magazine he wrote a new song dedicated to his latest ex over the weekend, revealing it’s « pretty spot on ».

« I actually sent it to her, too, » he adds. « A lot of times, she was like, ‘You don’t speak to me. You’re not talking to me. I don’t get it’, so I wrote it in a song, and she was like, ‘It’s clearer now’. »

The musician admits he is stunned communicating his emotions through songwriting is so easy for him, when speaking about them to a significant other is so difficult.

« It’s crazy how that is, » he continues. « Sometimes we’re better at certain things. Where somebody may be a better talker than me, through a song, I’m able to explain anything. »

And DeRulo admits he and his ex, who also romanced 50 Cent and is the mother of his three-year-old son Sire, are determined to stay friends post-split.

« We’re still really close, so it’s all good, » he says. « Whereas other breakups don’t always end so well, this one is very amicable. »

According to reports, Daphne, 29, was the one who called off the romance with Jason, two months after he raved about his girlfriend to People.com.

Talking about the pair’s « simple » date nights, he said, « I like just kicking back and getting that one-on-one time, watching a movie at the house, or she (Daphne) cooks dinner. She’s an unbelievable cook! »

Jason began dating Daphne a little over a year after his relationship with Jordin Sparks ended in September, 2014.


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